Cut The BS - Men's Community Group

We are a group of men that meets regularly in order to better ourselves as individuals. It is not a spiritual group, though spiritual things certainly can take place. It is not a therapy group, even though therapeutic benefits do occur for all who attend. It is not a self-help group, even though selves do get helped.

What Is The Point Of A Men’s Group?

From personal experience, magical things happen when a brother tell his story. One by one, voices start whispering, "Me, too." And we never feel alone again. It is really really beautiful and painful to be seen but it is such a relief after all someone actually sees you and sees you for good, sees you truly. 

What To Expect Out Of Our Men’s Group

This is a place where men around will not accept your BS, your lies, or your excuses. We are here to challenge ourselves to grow further, to open up, to feel our emotions, to be our most authentic self, and enjoy the presence of another man and that is so healing for ourselves, for society, for women, for everyone.

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William K

Artesia, CA

I am so grateful for Walter and Cut Through The BS Men's gathering! It's definitely out of my comfort zone to go to these types of events but I said what the heck I'll try it! 
Meeting so many great guys, being vulnerable and sharing our biggest challenges brought us all closer! This is something all men need because most of the time, we are too macho and we end up expressing ourselves through different forms of  outlets and many of them not being good so this is definitely a great way to express ourselves!
The breathing, screaming and eye glazing exercises were all so amazing as well! My favorite part was that I get to meet so many good people and hopefully getting to help them as they've helped me! 
Thank you Walter and Bryan for hosting such an amazing event!! If you are looking for an amazing group of brothers to share your challenges with, to learn more, to grow more, these guys are it! 

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Braylen B.

Beverly Hills, CA

Walter, Bryan, and his wonderful, caring staff at Ceremony Meditation Center, are nothing short of a miracle. While attending Cut Through The BS Men's COmmunity Group,  I was able to work through my demons in my past, on my own and get closure where closure was no longer possible (I was able to give and receive forgiveness from people that are no longer with us). It gave me closure and the ability to work thru my own demons that I knew about, as well as others I didn't know were there. eg. The demons in our subconscious that lead us to use, or back to our old self destructive behaviors.

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Tony F

Costa Mesa, CA

I went to Cut Through The BS Men's group last week. This was the first time I've been to any type of meditation class let alone an all mens one. 
It was interesting to say the least. You enter the facility and head to the back where there is a really cool backyard set up with all kind of neat artwork and designs setting a really laid back mood. Once in the back I got a sage "bath" then sat down to wait for everyone else to show. 
The best part of the class was the part were people would share things that in their eyes were holding them back in life. It was very interesting to see that most people share the same things that hold them back, so it was very easy to connect with these guys I've never meet before. We did other things like breath work exercises, and eye gazing, which I have never done before but I found to be very helpful. 
Thanks so much for the great experience Bryan and Walter!

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Mael M.

Los Angeles, Ca

I really enjoyed attending the workshop cut through the bullshit animated by Walter.
Such an amazing experience to help to communicate about our purpose in life. 
It was also great to share any personal experience with the brotherhood and I am looking forward to the next event.
I highly recommend it to anyone reaching his higher self.

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